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Sales Practice Pros is a Post training Activity where trainees practice their Sales Script or consultative conversation with a live virtual call center

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About Sales Practice Pros

Build a more confident and effective salesforce. Live Roleplay

Sales manager training tool is a training tool with a 300% return on investment

As an industry pioneer, Premier Training Services have developed a full-array of Sales Consulting Training Services designed to help organizations in any industry more quickly and accurately prepare their sales representatives for live calls. Sales Practice Professionals is a division that was established with the belief that sales training & live role play should not be a difficult task. Consultants that specialize in this area provide a low cost option.

  • 300% return on investment

Sales Practice Professionals

Our unique model and dispersed customer service workforce has successfully helped sales driven companies across all types of vertical markets. While each of our clients faces unique business challenges, they all have one thing in common – a desire to provide consistent, remarkable sales pitches to their prospective customers. Our live contact center model offers clients compelling, cost-saving benefits..

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In Person Workshops Roleplay & Simulations

Every market challenge is unique and every situation demands skillful conduct. This service is a cohesion of business-centric modules like Business improvisation, Sales Training, Live Roleplaying, Client meeting simulations, Team Dynamicsand many more that focus on case studies, scenarios, lecture content, interactive exercises, multimedia presentations and references based on the selling environment of the business.

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Roleplay is the most elementary and engaging way of real-time learning. Sales Practice Pros promises assured results with this dynamic training model. This one-on-one coaching scheme embodies interactive learning while keeping seasoned sensitivity as a key practice. Clients obtain new knowledge in the process which can be converted into new skills. The selling environment and parameters are taken into consideration to evaluate the situation in hand. Practical skill testing includes presentations, value proposition creation, and selling to a team of multiple buyers.By adding positivity into team dynamics, core competency to outbound calling and client management, and a lucrative outlook to client meetings through simulations, random role plays provide the trainee a chance to live the situation proficiently.

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The Perfect Procedure

Sales Practice Pros adopts the most basic coaching techniques skilfully with a modern and business-conducive twist. Every candidate is offered timely support and a spontaneous structure to fit it into their work ethos and business skills while being in line with their business practices. The bespoke program reflects the commitment and the motto the company stands for. The client-centric program consists of 2 sessions, the first of 3 scenarios and the second, a self-directed practice session, of 1 scenario. The learning curve of each participant is evaluated and reworked upon.The Action Plans are key rewards that highlight opportunities on continuous improvement.

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The Learning Pyramid

Every market challenge is unique and every situation demands skillful conduct.

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At Sales Practice Pros, we help you become the unsung hero of a million hearts.


This segment of service helps give you a graphical representation based on the Business details input provided.


Critical situation-handling and customer-centric skills improvement are implanted in the minds of trainees at Sales Practice Pros.


A customer is an opportunity that should never be missed. Customer retention training

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A transparent process understanding and knowledge-sharing at Sales Practice Pros with walk-throughs and the liberty to experiment, make customers inquisitive and helps them in dynamic decision-making.

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